Eddie Teddie counting coins

Eddie Teddie and his school lesson: counting money

Hello friends, it’s Eddie Teddie.

I hope you’ve had a good first month back at school – especially for those who’ve just started in reception! I’m loving school as it means I get to spend every day with my bear friends. What do you love about school?

In my maths lessons, I’ve been learning how to count money. This has really helped me with my saving. I can see how much I’ve got in my piggy bank at the end of each week.

We’ve been doing lots of work on how to add together different coins that we’ve got saved! Maths is so much fun at Bear Academy. It’s my favourite lesson – what’s yours?

My next bear challenge for you is to have a go at counting all of your coins. If you need a bit of help, why not ask your parents, siblings or friends (or even your teddie bears!)?

Download these fun worksheets to try. We’ve been using these in my lessons. I’d love to see if you can learn how to count your money just like me!

If you’d like to ask me any questions about counting money, or even if you want to send us a picture of you completing the work sheets, please email eddie.teddie@ftof-finance.co.uk

I’d be a very happy bear if I knew others were learning as much as I am!


Eddie x


Written by Nicola Richman

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