Eddie Teddie visits Grandma for her birthday

Eddie Teddie Visits His Grandma For Her Birthday

Hello friends,

Last week I went on a very special trip – I went to visit my Grandma in her garden for her Birthday! The trip was special because we haven’t been able to see her as often as we used to. The virus means that Grandma has to be very careful at the moment and so has been staying in her house to keep safe. I have been around to wave through the window a few times, but I have missed spending time with her.

Luckily, we have now been told that we can see friends and family, as long as we stay outside and at a safe distance.

As the weather was so sunny on her birthday, we were able to go and sit in Grandma’s garden with her! We made sure to stay two metres away and I even wore my mask. It was so lovely to see her and be able to speak properly, not just over the phone. I would love to have given her a cuddle, but I had to blow her a kiss instead.

Birthday surprises

I took Grandma a present for her birthday, some Elderflower cordial, it is her favourite drink. It wasn’t just any cordial though; it was cordial which Mum and I made ourselves at home! Mum said it will taste even better than the ones you buy from the supermarket.

Making the cordial was really easy. All you need to do is heat up some water and sugar until it makes a syrup, then you add the elderflower and some oranges and lemons. The mixture should be left for a day so all the yummy flavours mix together leaving a delicious cordial. Once it is ready simply strain the liquid so there are no bits of fruit or elderflower in the liquid. Finally pop the cordial in a bottle and add a label.   

Grandma had a taste with some fizzy water and said it was very refreshing. Perfect for a summer’s day.

We also gave Grandma some cupcakes which were decorated to look just like her favourite flowers. They were made by the lovely lady at Kerry’s Bouqcake and they almost looked too good to eat! Grandma did let me eat one though and it was delicious! We stuck a candle in one of the cupcakes and sang Happy Birthday.

I was really pleased that I was able to see Grandma on her birthday.

If you have celebrated your birthday during lockdown – HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you had the best day filled with lots of fun and lots of cake!

Love from,


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