Eddie Teddie Christmas Market

Eddie Teddies Goes to a Christmas Market

Hello Friends,

Last weekend there was a Christmas market in the city and I went along with Mum and Dad. This Christmas market pops up every December and we love to go and get into the festive spirit.

There are lots of stalls full of Christmas decorations, yummy food and brilliant present ideas. If you go at the right time, there is also a brass band playing Christmas carols which we like to sing along to.

Christmas Shopping

I like to get some Christmas shopping done at the Christmas market. I took my pocket money along and used it to buy gifts for my friends and family. I can tell you a few of the things we got but I can’t tell you what I bought my friends because it’s a secret – I don’t want to ruin the surprise before Christmas!

I will tell you that I went to the market with £30 and came home with £7 left it my pocket, can you work out how much I spent?

Mum bought her friend a glass bauble for her Christmas tree. We bought our neighbour, Mr Tedworth, a bird box for his garden and I bought my teacher a candle that smells of gingerbread.

All the gifts we bought were made by local people. Mum said it’s important to support small businesses when we can. Buying gifts from people who run small businesses means that each gift is unique and feels more special! It also helps support the place where you live.

Once we had done our shopping we had a hot chocolate with marshmallows on top as a treat. The Christmas market is outside so you get a little chilly after a while. A cup of hot chocolate is the perfect way to warm my little paws up.

Have you been to a Christmas market before? Or have you done any Christmas shopping yet?

I hope you have a happy Christmas and I’ll see you in 2022!


Eddie x

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