Eddie Teddie signing his second book; Eddie Teddie Goes on Holiday

Eddie Teddie’s New Book: Join The Online Book Launch Party!

Hello friends,

I have something really exciting that I have been wanting to share with you for ages – I have written a second book!

I really enjoyed writing my first book; Eddie Teddie’s Big Summer of Saving, and it was really popular. Learning about money is really important so I wanted to help you learn even more. I put my thinking cap on and came up with another brilliant idea.

My new book is called Eddie Teddie Goes on Holiday. I have written about the time I went on a really exciting trip to see my cousin in Boston (that’s in America). I had to change my money over to American money though so I would be able to spend it. In my book you can find out exactly how I did that and what I spent my money on.

Raising money for charity

A percentage of the profits made from the sale of my first book were donated to the Jenny Lind Children’s Hospital. The money raised was used to purchase MedibearsTM. These bears help children feel better when they are receiving treatment, which can be quite scary! I am doing the same thing with my new book so we can cheer up even more children.

Watch back my book launch!

To celebrate the publication of my second book, I hosted an online launch party. It was held online and was a lot of fun to introduce my new book to everyone. If you missed out there’s no need to be sad, Mum has uploaded a video of the launch party to YouTube which you can watch by clicking the link below!

Watch the Eddie Teddie Goes On Holiday launch party.

I hope you enjoy it! To get your paws on your very own copy of my second book, you can buy one directly from Face to Face Finance: call 01603 625100 or email info@ftof-finance.co.uk or you can buy a copy from Amazon. They cost £6 each so check your pocket money, or put it on your Christmas list!

Lots of love, Eddie x

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