Eddie Teddie's Teamwork

Eddie Teddie’s Teamwork

Hello friends, it’s Eddie Teddie!

Shall I tell you what I discovered this month? You can get so much more done when you work as a team! Here’s my story…

As a busy bear that likes to spend time outside, I’ve had my eye on a cool new skateboard. I think it’ll be such great fun to use this summer playing with my bear friends. But first, I need to save up the money.

Using my piggy bank and my new bank account, I’m doing pretty well. But my mum said I could earn a bit more pocket money by helping out in the garden, getting it ready for spring. She showed me the vegetable patch and said that if I could clear all the weeds and get the soil ready for planting, she would give me some money.

Well, that looked like a huge challenge! I wasn’t sure I could manage it all. Just then, my pal Barnaby popped by and offered to help. By working as a team, we were able to get the job done! It was hard work, but we did it. It was a lot more fun working together too!

Because Barnaby had been such a help, I shared my pocket money with him. But I still had enough to help me get closer to having the total in need for my new skateboard. It won’t be long now!

Can you think of a time that you’ve worked as a team to get something done?

Lots of love,

Eddie Teddie

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