Eddie's trip to Scotland

Eddie Teddie’s Trip Across Scotland

Hello Friends,

At the beginning of the month I went on a really exciting adventure, I took a trip across Scotland with Mum and Dad to follow in the footsteps of a lady in a book Mum had been reading.

I helped Mum to plan the trip. She told me where we would start, where we would finish and all of the places she wanted to visit along the way. I had to look at the map and decide which roads we needed to drive on to get to each destination.

We planned on staying the night at each stop along the way so I also helped to pick the places we were going to stay and worked out how much the rooms were going to cost us.

The first part of our journey saw us travelling from our house in Norfolk to Edinburgh. From Edinburgh we travelled across Scotland, visiting lots of places including:

  • Glencoe
  • Dunblane
  • Fort William
  • Mallaig
  • Isle of Skye
  • North Uist

We spent our final night in Glasgow before heading back home. Have you visited any of these places?

My favourite part of the trip was when we took a boat over to North Uist. The weather was lovely and sunny so we could see a really long way across the sea and I saw lots of dolphins swimming around the boat!

Working out distances

I really enjoyed helping Mum plan the trip. I looked at the map and found all the points we needed to get to. Mum asked me if I could work out the distance from Edinburgh to Dunblane without using the map on the computer.

I had looked at maps at school and know that there is a scale at the bottom which helps you to work out how far two places are from each other. The problem is this only shows you the distance in straight lines, we wouldn’t be driving in a straight line!

I did a bit of research and found a really cool technique on the Ordnance Survey website which showed how to measure distance with string.

All you need to do is lay a piece of string along the route you are going to take. Once you get to the end of the route you make a mark on the string or keep your finger in the right place. To find the distance, straighten out the string and measure it against the scale on the map.

I worked out that it was about 42.5 miles from Edinburgh to Dunblane.

Using the string was such good fun I decided to measure the distance between lots of different places across the map.

Do you know how to use a map? Have your tried measuring anything with string before?

See you next time!

Love, Eddie x

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