Eddie’s Adventure in America

Hello Friends, it’s Eddie Teddie.

Happy New Year! How has 2018 been for you so far?I’ve been super busy again, adventuring in America. It’s been amazing! I really enjoyed seeing some historical sights and eating lovely American food.

One of the places I went to is the Portland Head Lighthouse. It’s one of the most visited lighthouses in America and is really old too – it was built in the 18th century so is at least 250 years old. Have you ever been to a historical site?

I was also taken to the USS Constitution in the Boston Navy Yard. The boat was huge in comparison to a little bear like me! It was so interesting to see what different types of boats look like and my bear brothers loved seeing it too.

We went to a café called Becky’s, the meals were massive but very yummy. Our Face to Face Becky was very happy when we bought her a souvenir back from the café: a coffee mug with her name on it. She’s so happy with her present that she uses it every day when she’s working.

We were quite tired as the time difference meant that when you were all going to sleep in the UK, we were enjoying our afternoon exploring. It took a little bear like me a while to get used to.

Are you going on any adventures this year?

I hope you like hearing about my holidays, I’m really very lucky to get to travel so much. I’ve added some photos for you to see.


If you want to send photos of any of your adventures, please send them to me at:


Lots of Love,

Eddie x


Written by Nicola Richman

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