Eddie Teddie At a Beach Hut

Eddie’s Day at a Beach Hut

Hello friends,

Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside, oh I do like to be beside the sea!

Can you guess where I have been for a day trip recently? That’s right, I have been to the beach! Mum entered a competition and won a day at Bettie Beach Hut on Gorleston seafront.

Have you had a day in a beach hut? I was very excited about our trip because I haven’t been inside a beach hut before, I have seen them in lots of places when I have been to the beach, and they are always so bright and colourful. I was looking forward to seeing what a beach hut looked like inside too.

It turns out, a beach hut is kind of like a really cool shed but decorated like it is a room in a house. There was a table and chairs and a cupboard with plates and glasses and mugs and even a kettle so Mum and Dad could have a cup of tea!

We had a lovely surprise when we got to the beach hut, there was a box of cupcakes waiting for us and they had been decorated to look like the beach – they were brilliant! Oh, and they tasted really yummy too, Mum let me have two as we were having a day out.

Soggy Seaside

It’s a good job I had packed my raincoat because it rained most of the time that we were in Gorleston. It’s not the most fun weather to have at the beach but we did get to see some really big waves crashing on to the beach. I was pretending like there were whales and sharks out there playing around and making the waves even bigger!

For lunch we took a picnic. In our picnic we packed some sandwiches, homemade sausage rolls, coleslaw, pasta salad, cocktail sausages, crisps and fruit. It was all really yummy!   

Luckily it stopped raining for long enough in the afternoon so that I could go out and build a sandcastle. The good thing was, because it had been raining all morning, the sand was the perfect texture for making castles!

I really enjoyed my day out at the seaside, even if it did rain. What have you been up to recently?

I’ll be back to talk to you again soon!


Eddie x

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