Eddie Teddie and his dog, Doug

Meet Doug: Eddie Teddie’s Dog

Hello friends,

I have some very, very, very exciting news – I got a dog! His name is Doug, he’s a Corgi and he’s a very good boy. 

I have wanted a dog for a very long time. I ask Mum and Dad if I can have one for every Birthday and Christmas but they tell me that having a dog is a lot of hard work for a small bear like me.

A huge surprise

Last week, when I got home from school, Mum and Dad said they had a surprise for me. They covered my eyes and walked me to the kitchen. When I opened my eyes Doug was sitting in the middle of the kitchen wagging his tail. I was so shocked and happy that I didn’t know what to say.

Looking after a dog

Mum and Dad said that I am now old enough and responsible enough to look after a dog. They were right, it does take a lot of work to look after Doug. I don’t mind though; I love taking him for walks, feeding him when I have my breakfast and dinner and playing fetch with him in the garden.

We walk two times a day, once before school and once after, even if it’s raining. It doesn’t matter what the weather is like outside, Doug still needs to get his exercise.

Next week we are starting puppy training classes so Doug can learn to sit and walk nicely off the lead – I hope I can teach him a few tricks too! It will take a little while to get him trained but I think we will have a lot of fun learning together.

Doug sleeps on the floor of my bedroom. When I first got Doug he sometimes got scared in the night because he wasn’t used to our house yet. When he was scared I would wake up and go to give him cuddles so he knew he was safe.

The cost of having a dog

You need to make sure that you can afford to look after a dog. There are a few things you need to pay for, including;

  • Bed
  • Food
  • Vet bills
  • Pet insurance
  • Lead
  • Toys (they get through quite a few of these)

Some of these costs need paying for regularly and others just need paying for once in a while. Mum and Dad paid for most of Doug’s things but I am responsible for buying his treats to help him train. I have also bought him a few toys from the pet shop too.

Do you have a pet? What are they called?


Eddie and Doug x

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