Eddie Teddie Volunteering on St Kilda

Volunteering on St Kilda

Hello friends,

I am lucky enough to get to go on a lot of amazing holidays and travel all over the world. One of my absolute favourite places to visit is St Kilda, a set of islands in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland.  

St Kilda is looked after by the National Trust of Scotland. My mum is Chairman of the St Kilda Club a charity which raises funds and awareness of St Kilda. I love to go with Mum when she volunteers.

Looking after St Kilda

There are always lots of jobs to help out with when volunteering on St Kilda. Here’s what I have been up to.

Counting puffins

I have been out counting the puffins that live on Dùn, one of the islands which make up St Kilda. I was very excited to see not just one puffin but hundreds of them! I learned that St Kilda is North Atlantic’s largest breeding seabird colony so it’s important to check whether the number of puffins has gone up or down each year. It’s important research and it made me feel like a real scientist!  

Welcoming guests

Another job which I have been doing is helping mum welcome visitors as they landed on the island. I have also been restocking the honesty shop, so the shelves were full for the guests.

Painting the Slates

Another one of my jobs whilst on St Kilda was to repaint the slates which are outside the cottages on the main street. Each slate showed who lived in the cottage when it was evacuated in 1930. I used my best handwriting so that they could be read easily.

Bio Security

I learnt a lot about bio security whilst I was on St Kilda. St Kilda has lots of ground nesting birds so it’s important that rats do not get onto the island. I went with Sue, the Ranger when she checked for bite marks in the wax blocks put around the island. It is hard as the St Kildan Mice like to have a nibble, but there was no sign of rat bites which was great news!

Nature is the best!

I am having the best time exploring St Kilda. I am loving the peaceful surroundings, amazing wildlife, and beautiful views!

Whenever I go to St Kilda I think that maybe I would like to be a volunteer when I grow up. I think it’s really important work and you are very lucky if you can look after such a special place.

Where is your favourite place to be in nature?

See you soon,

Love, Eddie x

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