Money is an important subject which isn’t often taught in schools. Anything that is taught doesn’t extend much past learning coin values. Luckily, Eddie Teddie has come to the rescue! He is a smart little bear who loves to look after his money. He would like to teach your children how they can be money smart too.

Eddie Teddie has written two books to do just that. They act as a gentle introduction for children into the world of money.

Eddie Teddie's Big Summer of Saving Book Cover

Eddie Teddie’s Big Summer of Saving

When Eddie sees his friend Mosey zoom past on her new scooter, he decides that he would really love a scooter for himself. But with his birthday already gone and Christmas a long way off, how is he going to get one? With his Mum’s help, Eddie sets to work earning pocket money. But will he manage to earn enough to buy his scooter before the summer is gone?

A gentle introduction to managing money for young children.

Front cover of Eddie Teddie Goes on Holiday

Eddie Teddie’s Goes on Holiday

Eddie is off on holiday! He’s been saving hard so he has some spending money to take. But in the USA, they have different money, so there are a few things he needs to do before they go.

It’s a tricky idea, but with his Dad’s help, Eddie exchanges some money into dollars ready for his trip. What will Eddie do whilst he is in Boston? And what will he spend his money on? Let’s find out!

A gentle introduction to currencies for young children.


Writing about money isn’t the only way Eddie is helping children. For every sale of this book, Face to Face Finance will donate a percentage of the profits towards purchasing MedibearsTM for the Jenny Lind Children’s Hospital at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.


Medibears are soft teddies, made with the same medical devices that the children in hospital may have.

They are designed to make a child feel more comfortable with treatments they may be receiving and see their medical devices elsewhere. They can also be used to help educate siblings on the equipment their brother or sister is living with.