Age UK Suffolk

Supporting Age UK Suffolk: Our Chosen Charity for 2020

We are excited to introduce our Charity of the Year 2020: Age UK Suffolk. Despite being based in Norfolk, we have many clients in Suffolk and wanted to support the wonderful work that Age UK Suffolk do.

Age UK Suffolk is a local, independent charity working with and for older people in Suffolk. Last year, they supported 21,000 older people and their families with vital services, support, information and befriending. This year, it will cost around £2million for them to deliver their services, community development work, dementia day care and home help services. Much of this income is generated through fundraising, so we’re keen to do our bit to help! We are now officially Platinum Friends of the charity, but we’re looking forward to getting more hands on throughout the year.

One of the first things we’re intending to do is to volunteer at one of their Chinwags. These are social befriending groups for people over aged over 65 which meet regularly for a cuppa, a chat and some great entertainment. Here’s a lovely video about why these Chinwags are so important:

We can’t wait to go along and help – it looks like a lot of fun! We’ll share some pictures in our newsletter.

We’ll also be fielding a team at the Age UK Suffolk Golf Day. That’s happening in July, so we have a bit of time to practice our swing before then.

We’re really looking forward to finding more ways to support the charity throughout the year and we’ll be sure to keep you posted on what we’re up to and any opportunities for you to support our efforts.

If you’d like to support Age UK Suffolk yourself, there are lots of things you can do, from making a donation and fundraising to volunteering. Find out more about how you can get involved here:

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