Our text message confirmation service

We know how it is. Life’s busy. There always seems to be too many things to remember!

We’re trying to do our bit to help. After conducting a customer survey to ask our clients if they thought it was a good idea, we’ve introduced a text message confirmation service.

What does it mean for me?

If you responded positively to our customer survey and have completed a Customer Privacy Notice with your Face to Face Consultant and confirmed that you are happy to receive SMS messages, approximately one week before your meeting date, we will text you to confirm your meeting (in place of a telephone call). Following receipt of the message, you MUST still call in (or email) to confirm your meeting. Please DO NOT respond to the SMS message.

What if I don’t want to receive text messages?

No problem. We will continue as before – calling you to confirm the meetings approximately one week before.

What if I didn’t respond to the survey?

We will continue as before, with a phone call a week before your meeting to remind you. If you would like to receive text messages from us instead, please get in touch. We can update your record and text you from then on. Don’t forget – you will still need to call or email us to confirm your meeting.